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Микродвигатель авиамодельный



DOUBLE STAR CLASSIC 40 микродвигатель для кордовых пилотажных моделей.



      Этот двигатель основывается на очень популярном среди пилотажников всего мира двигателе Fox 35. Но только с большем диаметром цилиндра и ходом поршня. Конструкция пары, типа ACC (алюминиевая). И теперь он оснащен собственным глушителем. Можно напрямую заменить Fox 35 микродвигатель на этот, без доработок посадочных мест. Вес двигателя так же аналогичен Fox 35. Он легко крутит винты 11х5 и 11х6 размера при 5% нитрометана в топливе. И отлично подходит для моделей весом от 1090 до 1470 грамм.

 Я разыскал отзыв об этом двигателе в одном из авиамодельных журналов "Lina"


                       Double Star Classic 40

                        by Derek Pickard   

          Derek Pickard tests the latest replica engine and finds a superb upgrade on a top selling traditional 35.

         The Double Star company in the little-known country of Moldova in Eastern Europe makes its living manufacturing specialist competition engines, mainly team race 2.5s. Recently it moved into western markets with its replica of a Tigre 60. When reviewed, that version was found to be of excellent quality and top performance and it was obvious we'd all be hearing more about this engine maker.

        Keen to back-up on the success. Double Star has now turned its attention to the Fox 35 and given that all-time favorite the top treatment. The Classic 40 is the same size as the Fox, weighs the same and bolts into the same mounts; but there the similarity ends as this is no ordinary replica, this is a total up-grade and the specification is as excellent as the quality.

       Within the exterior dimensions of the Fox 35. Double Star has used contemporary AAC liner-piston technology which, together with a bigger bore and stroke, enlarges the capacity out to a 40 without any penalty in weight. The result is a 15% increase in cubes which with less piston/liner friction results in a performance gain of at least 20% in output.

       Make no mistake about it this Classic 40 is a lightweight, compact, full 40 stunt motor. The fact that it fits straight into Fox 35 mounts is a bonus. This is the lightest 40 dead serious stunt motor on the market and the performance is excellent.

       Suddenly all those fantastic ships of the 1950s and 1960s which were flown with a Fox 35 years ago, but appear to be underpowered by today's standards, can now be taken out of storage. Dropping in a Classic 40 gives them a new lease of life as this motor can pull a bigger prop to hold better line tension in the wind while not worrying about the plane size and weight that bothered the 35.

Because of this retrofitting facility, the market for this new compact Double Star is huge.

       The specification of this new 40 is a weight of just six and a half ounces, a bore and stroke of 21.2x18.5mm. 274 thou venturi .138 degrees exhaust timing, 120 degrees transfer timing. 36-45 degrees shaft timing and an 8:1 compression in a hemi head. Against thai the Fox 35 is slightly smaller with 20x18 bore and stroke with under 7:1 compression 130 degrees exhaust timing. 110 transfer timing and 45- 35 shaft timing. Those numbers, together with the iron piston, mean it needs around 10% nitro and 25% castor oil to give a slightly lower power performance.

       The materials applications side of the Moldovan engine is impressive with a bushed main shaft bushed conrod with oil holes, bridged ports with expansion slit just below the exhaust window and an AAC piston bore where the alloy liner is chrome plated and well matched in expansion to the high silicon alloy piston. Two thou bore taper is used and the top of the piston is taper-relieved by one thou.

Running-in takes about 15 minutes and 20% castor oil is plenty. Also 5% nitro is about right with the stock compression. Adding more nitro does further improve output but it should be done in conjunction with a head shim.

       A well made needle with a long smooth taper is used that complements the engine's stage of development to give precise settings right through the rev range. Starting and setting this engine is a delight. In operation, a 11x5.5 prop proves best and the test plane was a stock Thunderbird Mk I. This had been originally built for a Fox 35 but needed a lot of nitro to fly the 54 ounce model. Subsequent swapping to a Merco 35 saw the plane's performance improve but the final switch to the Double Star Classic 40 answered all the plane's dreams.

      The classic Tee-Bird now flies as beautiful as it looks. The new 40 can be easily set to a classic 4-2-4 stunt run which handles the bigger prop effortlessly. More importantly, the plane is much better in the wind.

To respond to the obvious question of: "How good is this new 40 when set against the six 40s compared last year?" The answer is I can confidently state the power is at least that of a modified OS FP40 and as good as the Stalker 40 but behind Lew Woolard's modified Fox 40 ABC TBR. But the biggggg advantage with this Double Star is the light weight compact size and the fact that it bolts straight into a Fox 35         plane taking the same muffler. Those pluses certainly put the new engine well up the ratings to be at least equal second in the conventional 40 stunt engine ratings. Praise indeed.

Conclusion:  Double Star's business approach of taking a proven stunt engine, developing it further and adding the latest metallurgy makes an excellent product. The highest recommendation.


Declaration of interest: Derek Pickard did not receive a free engine for this test. He bought one for $150 from the distributor, Tom Dixon in Atlanta

Double Star 40


Double Star engine

DoubleStar engine



Инструкция и рекомендации на английском языке DOUBLE STAR CLASSIC 40

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just purchased the best C/L stunt engine for Classic type models ever produced It is engineered for long life, high power output, and classic 4-2-4 type run. Any Fox .35 bolt-on type muffler may be fitted to the DS .40, and I have Adamisin tongue and tube-type mufflers available. Weight is identical to a Fox .35, so you can bolt it into a Fox .35 model with no trim or structural changes at all! Some words about operation:

PLUG: We fit Sig R/C plugs to these engines for delivery, Sig plugs are of ideal heat range, and are very durable.

FUEL: With the AAC construction, somewhat lower oil content must be used compared with a Fox .35.   I like Sig Champion, 5% or 10% nitro.  Fuel should have 20-to-24% oil; half synthetic/half castor.

PROP: The DS .40 is surprisingly powerful. Minimum prop size is 11-inch diameter, and it likes to run at a fairly fast RPM. If you have a Nobler with a Fox .35 currently, start with an 11X5 on the DS .40. Some glass or CF props can be up to a 12-inch diameter. 10-inches is a good start for 3-blade props. I prefer an 11 X 5 B-Y&O on most planes with a DS .40.

BREAK-IN: With AAC piston/sleeve, only minimal break-in is needed. Run it a time or two to get a needle setting, then.....fly it!

TANK: Begin with 4 02. capacity. Some models may need a larger tank. On a profile setup, you'll need the C/L of the tank about 5/15" above C/L of engine.

FINE TUNING: Muffler back-pressure, nitro content, additional head shims can be used to dial in the exact type of run you desire.

If you have questions about your Double Star .40, please write, FAX; or call. Always observe all safety practices running and handling your engine.

Tom Dixon P.O. Box 671166 Marietta, GA 30066 USA (770)973-9238


Инструкция и рекомендации  на русском языке

ПОЗДРАВЛЯЕМ! Вы только что приобрели лучший пилотажный двигатель для классических пилотажных кордовых моделей, который когда-либо выпускался. Он рассчитан на длительный срок службы, высокую выходную мощность и классический режим 4-2-4. Любой глушитель с болтовым креплением Fox .35 может быть установлен на DS .40, и у меня есть глушители Adamisin типа "язык" и трубки. Вес такой же, как у Fox .35, поэтому вы можете прикрепить его к модели где использовался Fox .35 без каких-либо изменений отделки или структурных изменений! Несколько слов о работе:

СВЕЧА: Мы поставляем свечи  Sig R / C для этих двигателей при поставке, свечи Sig имеют идеальный диапазон нагрева и очень долговечны.

ТОПЛИВО: В конструкции AAC( Алюминиевая пара) необходимо использовать несколько более низкое содержание масла по сравнению с Fox .35. Мне нравится Sig Champion, 5% или 10% нитро. Топливо должно
иметь от 20 до 24% масла; половина синтетика / половина касторовое.

ВОЗДУШНЫЙ ВИНТ: DS .40 удивительно мощный. Минимальный размер пропеллера составляет 11 дюймов в диаметре, и он любит работать на довольно быстрых оборотах. Если у вас есть Ноблер с Fox .35, начните с 11X5 на DS .40. Некоторые винты из углеволокна или CF-маркировкой могут быть диаметром до 12 дюймов. 10 дюймов - хорошее начало для винта с 3 лопастями. Я предпочитаю 11 X 5 B-Y & O на большинстве самолетов с DS .40.

ОБКАТКА: с поршнем / втулкой AAC требуется только минимальное время обкатки. Запустите его раз или два, чтобы настроить иглу, а затем ... летайте!

ТОПЛИВНЫЙ БАК: Начните с 118 мл. емкостью. Некоторым моделям может понадобиться больший бак. 

ТОЧНАЯ НАСТРОЙКА: Давление от глушителя, содержание нитрометана, дополнительные регулировочные прокладки можно использовать для выбора нужного типа работы двигателя.
Если у вас есть вопросы по поводу вашей Double Star .40, напишите, ФАКС; или позвоните по телефону. Всегда соблюдайте все правила техники безопасности при работе и обращении с двигателем.

Том Диксон

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