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                                                            Вырезка из журнала Lina за февраль 1997. Рекламная информация о кордовых пилотажных двигателях DoubleStar которые можно было приобрести у Тома Диксона.



 DOUBLE STAR engines from Tom Dixon


         We believe the Double Star lineup of stunt engines are the best traditional type stunt engines ever produced. Period! They are produced by ex-Soviet aerospace engineers in Kishinev, Moldova. The 40 CLASSIC, 50 CLASSIC, and 60 LITE were specially caimissioned by me for use in Classic models and modern 60-size planes. All incorporate modern AAC technology and exquisite workmanship. All are also very light in weight...the lightest available in their size range.

Production of these engines is regular, but limited. Up till now most are "pre-sold" by the time they arrive here. Your best bet would be to send me a credit card number. Charges will be made only when the engine can be shipped. You can cancel at any time up to shipment. For 1997, we hope to increase production rates with purchase of new equipment. Full repair and parts service are available.


          DOUBLE STAR CLASSIC 40 - This engine is based on Fox 35, but with greater bore and stroke, and AAC construction.  It is a direct swap into Fox mounts and weighs the same.  It easily turns 11X5 and 11X6 props on 5%  nitro and works best in 42 to 52 oz. models. Any Fox 35 muffler fits.

                        Double Star Classic 40------------------$170.00

                        Tongue Muffler-------------------------- 20.00

                        Tube Muffler---------------------------- 32.00

                        Head Shims-----------------------------  1.00 ea


          DOUBLE STAR CLASSIC 50 - The Classic 50 is based on Tigre G-21 .46, and is a direct swap into Tigre mounts. It weighs 8 oz. with bushing shaft and AAC style piston/sleeve. It works well in 48 to 58 oz. models such as large Classic models (T-Bird, Nakke) or designs such as the Stiletto 660. It is delivered with DS own lightweight tube type muffler.

                       Double Star Classic 50-------------------$200.00

                       Tongue Muffler-------------------------- 25.00

                       Tube Muffler (Adamisin)------------------ 35.00

                       Head Shims-----------------------------  1.00 ea


        DOUBLE STAR 60 LITE - The DS 60 LITE is an AAC bushing design weighing 10 oz. w/o muffler.  It has all the power and character of a ST-60, but weighs 2 oz. less. It is a direct fit into ST-60 or DS 60BB mounts. Use the DS 60 LITE in any .60 design or large .46-size designs with a little de-tuning. This engine is my personal choice for serious competition. Comes with DS light tube muffler.

                      DOUBLE STAR 60 LITE----------------------$225.00

                      Tongue Muffler—------------------------ 25.00

                      Tube Muffler (Adamisin)------------------ 35.00

                      Head Shims-----------------------------  1.00 ea


        DOUBLE STAR 60 BB - This is the original DS engine updated with AAC technology instead of previous ABC, saving 37 grams per engine.  It is otherwise a copy of a custom Tigre 60 and totally duplicates Tigre 60 performance and character. Comes with DS lightweight tube muffler.

                     Double Star 60 BB------------------------$260.00

                     Tongue Muffler--------------------------- 25.00

                     Tube Muffler (Adamisin)------------------- 35.00

                     Head Shims------------------------------  1.00 ea

                     Venturis------------------------------------------------------------    10.00

Для полноты картинки с сайта Тома Диксона взяли информацию о еще одном моторе.

           Double Star 61 LRE - The DS 61 LRE is the ringed, rear exhaust offering in the Double Star line. This is a very powerful, but classic running, stunt engine which is also incredibly fuel efficient, thanks to it’s unique porting arrangement. Weight, with included muffler, is about the same as a ST.60 without muffler. It makes a great engine for scale type models, as the muffler can be hidden in the fuselage.


                   DS.61 LRE------------------------------$275.00


                   Head Shims------------------------------$1.00 each


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