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Fox designed a light, compact, and powerful glow engine, engine for Control Line fliers in 1948: the legendary Fox 35. Control Line was becoming more and more popular and Stunt fliers eventually adopted this engine, later called the 35 Stunt.


             I think this was the first engine on the market designed from the start as a glow plug engine. Duke Fox built the first 35s in his mother’s garage or basement and distributed them by word of mouth. At that time he was the Fox Engineering Laboratory.


            Fox realized he wasn’t a machinist and teamed up with Dale Arnold to form the Arnold and Fox Engineering Co., first advertising the Superpower Fox 35 in November of 1949.



Instructions for the first Fox 35

ThefirstFox 35

The first Arnold and Fox ad August 1949 Model Aviation News

The last Stunt 35


The 35 was continually modified over the years with the 60th anniversary engine marketed in 2008; this was the last Stunt 35. Most internal parts are interchangeable with the original engine!


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